Schepens Eye Research Institute, Harvard Medical School

Vision Research and Technology Lab

Vision Research and Technology Lab is dedicated to understanding vision related behaviors, performance and mechanism in people with eye diseases. We develop technologies to help them to overcome problems in daily life.


    * All Aboard Android is released. Arpil 2024.
    * SuperVision+ Magnifier is updated with enhanced telescopic view. April 2023.
    * Microsoft blogs about All Aboard app we developed for blind bus riders, April 2022.
    * Dr. Gang Luo featured in NBC Boston news , March, 2022.
    * Dr. Gang Luo interviewed in Eye Catchers 20:20 show , Brooksby Village TV. Feb 2022.
    * "All Aboard", an AI way finding app to help blind bus riders localize bus stops has just been released. Dec 2021.
    * Dr. Gang Luo received the AAO 2021 William Feinbloom award. Nov 2021.
    * Clinical trial paper of wearable collision warning device is tweeted by NEI director. July 2021.